LAY '莲 (Lit)' MV Re-reaction

게시일 2020. 06. 29.
🎬'莲 (Lit)' MV:
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01 Lit
02 Jade
03 Eagle
04 H2O
05 Fly
06 Soul
07 Changsha
08 Mama
09 Boom
10 Call My Name
11 Late Night
12 Wish
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  • I'm so proud of him!! It's cool that he watches other people's reaction and feedback. He genuinely listens to them. He's so humble. I love him so much ❤️

  • Proud with you!!

  • is that a freaking chanyeol statue??? lmao 2:39

  • The way Lay say "I can Compose music and I can arrange music" Is already a big flex... Lay is not just an Exo member He creates his Own name by himself through his talent, by creating his own genre of music, flexing Chinese culture and traditions and etc.... You've come so far...your hardworks and efforts pays you.. I'm so proud of you...

  • النمنم الكيوت

  • The way he give us fingerheart in end of this video is so sweeeeettt

  • He should watch Sechan reaction too

  • You deserve it Lay zhang!

  • I like this kind of man. Very loyal person. A good friend and brother for EXO. His journey tells us thousands story, since trainee until now. And now, times show him what he deserved. Thank you Lay for being yourself.

  • الي طلعو بالفيديو شو حيكون احساسهم😢💜💜💜

  • فين نيني ؟

  • My dear lay u have to know you have a golden fans and they love u so much.they will kepp support u till the end ❤️

  • So humble


  • so this is called a reaction to reactors to Lay's Lit. wow!! this is Lay our humble king, our (EXOLs) pride. as a human being, he is a kind & soft-hearted person, but he became insane when it comes to music. yeah we EXOL's are so so proud of you Lay. We are one. Love you Lay

  • Lay please comeback in the group...I miss you lay as who you are and as EXO member...wanna to see lay make comeback with other EXO member as ot9...miss you hardly to see you joining with other members...😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • This music video is a masterpiece. I am literally making a visual arts task based in this. My teachers were all stunned by Lit.

  • Lay really is king.

  • I love You You really are such a King Of Dance

  • 谢谢你如此优秀,让爱你的人都没有失望💜

  • This is Chinese opera😄

  • سلام لی Hi Lay I'm IRANIAN I LOVE China

  • Hi

  • Lay, you need to react to reactions in Spanish, you’re gonna be impressed by how many Spanish reactions are. Here’s one, he’s Mexican, he knows all about movies productions and he really enjoyed your video and music.

  • I love you

  • I'm so proud of you yixing


  • اشتقت 🥺🥺

  • Lay exol miss you❤️comeback soon please

  • I miss you a lot. Please comeback with EXO

  • فديت الضحكة 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • look at his precious smile ;)..i love him..thats all bye..

  • KO-u still not giving me all my notifs, what is the point of clicking the all videos bell if I was today years old before knowing this existed!?! I love Yixing so much and love how he interacts with his fans, so cute and too talented

  • 好可爱(/ω\)害羞 , 我喜欢你 ❤️❤️❤️😍 ヘ⌒ヽフ ( ・ω・) 谢谢~~ / ~つと)

  • Can we talk how polite Lay is? 17:41 he said that as if that guy is in front of him. I stan idol with a good manner.

  • I don't want to say much. I just PROUD OF LAY YIXING I'm a proud eri🧡

  • ARAB EXO L I Love you lay ❤ 사랑해 레이 💖 张艺兴 🤗💖 💖❤💗أحبك لاي

  • ganteng banget lay kamu sukses terus ya

  • I'm proud of you my Lay 💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Hope to see you in person Lay! I want to have a picture with you.❤

  • I love you Lay!!!! I like watching Lay speaking Chinese, English, and Korean.

  • I'm here again because I miss lay

  • Awesome Lay♡♡♡

  • 张艺兴 我们都爱你 💞💞💞

  • We Love LaY !!! we are always there for you !!! just stay strong and happy ;)

  • My fingers just type lay's name and now I'm here at this video where he react to other reaction 😂 you're truly a king lay ♡

  • I love you!

  • Why are comments on new songs disabled? someone knows?

  • I like the dragon it's very Awesome.

  • Lay Will stay love you come bag to EXO Im miss you stay happy see you later God willing

  • yixing speaks in 4 language in one reaction video literally there's nothing this guy can't do. he's all rounder, ace of everything tbh he's the best.

  • I love you Laaayy

  • Love you Lay

  • 好极了!

  • Please guys explain thy one particular guy used to call "M-Pop" not "C-Pop"? As I know C-Pop stands for Chinese Pop Music.. What's M-Pop then?

  • #Exo #Exo-L #king

  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Good looking lay

  • Osm

  • Osm I am surprised by your moments


  • Love you Lay!

  • Wow:(((

  • LAYY!!!

  • i can't stop being proud of him everyday like I'M SO PROUD yk

  • Awwwwwwwwwwww......... he is such a cutiee

  • Lay needs a bigger canvas as he thinks like a director/producer. Needs a huge stage tour.

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • i love you Lay❤

  • From all the reaction videos I have watched, there is only one way to describe all of their reactions - they were mesmerised beyond words. You could literally do a mash up video of their reactions when the credits started - they were stunned and wanted more. What a fantastic achievement. Imagine being so talented that you could create something as amazing and complex as this song and mv.

  • LAY WE MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Thank you for your music!!! :)

  • Lay in the MV: *ready to kill everyone* Lay in this video and in real life: *the cuttest big teddy bear in the world*

  • I wonder how Dezzy and Bris react to this like brooo

  • I love how he is answering the reaction. Like he is really talking to them. OMG I love Lay he truly is the best.

  • 2:38. i was like dam what chanyeol is doing there then i found it is statue omg these rich fans are really something

  • Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • 🥺🧸

  • تخيل عا

  • مححح فديتك بس

  • I miss you baby🥺🧸

  • Love youuu you know?🥺

  • Lay

  • 7:34 they even showed German KO-urs, that's cool!

  • 支持 LAY

  • Как Лей на себя краш не ловит

  • Я Чжан Исин, я Лей, я бог



  • Masterpiece. ¡Gracias Lay! 谢谢!!

  • 나는 당신의 열렬한 팬이지만 불행히도 나는 당신을 만나는 것이 가장 큰 소원으로 콘서트를 개최합니다.

  • lay, we miss you badly :(

  • happy 9 years with lay !!!!

  • I love you LAY

  • Love you my King

  • You are the best boy in the world

  • hi lay, this is me, and I am one of your fans and also a fan of EXO.lay how are you?I hope you are well there, I always watching you activities through social media.whatever you do, we your fans always support all your activities.and honestly I also miss you when you are with EXO :) I hope you read this and take care of your health, always be happy, and have a nice day 🤗


  • Omg beutyfol song greetings from Belgium love you 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 you are a super star sow beutyfol yam yam 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Annyeong icing im aeri from indonesia i miss you

  • His innocent face when he says "I want the world to see that china has great music, visuals, and artists" and the passion in his eyes T_T When he laughs its so cute and innocent and appreciative and humble.... HOW CAN U HATE THIS MAN AND BE OKAY WITH YOURSELF? HOW? HOW ANYONE HATE THIS MAN AND NOT HATE THEMSELVES? HOW CAN THESE ANTIS BE SO MEAN TO HIM AND BE OKAY WITH THEMSELVES T_T I love this manz ; - ;